Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committee – Procedures and Guidelines

Composition of Committee

The Committee will be comprised of at least 2 Life Members and 1 other financial playing member. The Committee for season 2019/20 is:


1. Any financial member of the Club may report another member for an alleged breach of the Player Code of Conduct.
2. Reports of breaches, either verbally or in writing, must be made to the Cricket Manager before the expiration of 48 hours after the alleged breach has occurred.
3. Upon the receipt of a report, the Cricket Manager will immediately advise the reported player of the report and set a time for the hearing of the report. The hearing of the report should be held as soon as possible after the alleged incident, but in any event, prior to the next selection night.
4. For the purposes of the hearing of the report, any of the Disciplinary Committee, the reported player or the player making the report may call any other person who they believe may be able to provide relevant information with regard to the alleged offence. This could include the captain of the relevant team or other players in said team.
5. The Disciplinary Committee will hear the evidence of all concerned and make its ruling. Rulings of the Disciplinary Committee are binding and are not subject to appeal. These rulings must be conveyed to the player who has been reported on the day of the hearing and in the event that a player is found guilty, any suspension order immediately conveyed to the Chairman of Selectors for action.
6. If a reported player fails to attend the disciplinary hearing, he will be suspended until such time as he faces the disciplinary committee. In the event that the player making the report fails to attend the hearing, the report will be dropped and no further action taken against the reported player.


Early Guilty Plea

Where a reported player enters an early guilty plea and does not wish to appear before a Disciplinary Committee, the following two options may apply:

(a) The Cricket Manager may use his discretion to accept the early guilty plea and, in discussion with the Disciplinary Committee or independently, make a recommendation to the club Exec as to any penalties that need to be imposed.

(b) The Cricket Manager may refer the matter with all relevant details to the DC for their deliberation and decision.

The option used will depend on the nature/seriousness of each case. In either of the options, the Cricket Manager will need to discuss and document the charge with the offending player, confirm the early guilty plea including any mitigating circumstances and self-imposed penalties. The offending player will also need to be notified in writing of the final outcome.

Guidelines for the Disciplinary Committee

The WASTCA By-Laws provide a useful guide for the Disciplinary Committee in adjudicating over Reports of breaches. Specifically, reference is made to the following By-Laws:

By-Law 8.2

This Law was introduced by the Association at the start of this season to allow an Umpire to issue a caution to a player who has committed a minor infringement of the By-Laws during an Association sanctioned match.

By-Laws Schedule B – Code of Conduct/Rules of Behaviour (pages75-86)

This segment of the By-Laws provides guidelines for investigating breaches of the Code of Conduct. There are 4 Levels of Offences depending on the seriousness of the offence. Each Level sets out a range of penalties that may be imposed.

These guidelines are intended as an illustrative guide only.



Special provisions for Contracted Players

1. Contracted players found guilty of a breach of the Player Code of Conduct are subject to the following additional penalties:

(a) if found guilty but not suspended and only reprimanded, loss of contract payments for the match in which the breach occurs

(b) if found guilty and suspended, loss of contract payments for both the match in which the breach occurs and all matches for which the player is suspended.

2. Contract payments in paragraph 1 include pro-rata season payments (if any) and non-inclusion of results for affected matches in respect of incentive based performance payments.