Ralph Dungey Award


Ralph Dungey Memorial Trophy

The Ralph Dungey Memorial Trophy was inaugurated to commemorate the service given to the Club by our longest serving President.

Ralph was in his 16th successive year as Club President when he tragically passed away in 1972. Ralph had been awarded Life Membership in 1966, a feat that was later matched by his son Lloyd in 1976, and his wife Betty in 2006.

The trophy is awarded to the player who polls the most points through aggregating their runs, wickets & fielding votes for the seaon, and has not won an individual performance trophy in that season. Some of the Club's best ever players have won this most sort after award.



1972/73 S.Rankin 1990/91 John Williams 2008/09 P.Smith
1973/74 K.Little 1991/92 A.Magill 2009/10 B.Keenan
1974/75 John Williams 1992/93 M.Dickerson 2010/11 O.Fanayan
1975/76 L.Woodley 1993/94 Anthony Magill 2011/12 M.Vlismas
1976/77 R.Street 1994/95 K.Spencer 2012/13 S.Perrozzi
1977/78 Anthony Malins 1995/96 Anthony Magill 2013/14 A.Groube
1978/79 P.Roberts 1996/97 Andrew Hayward 2014/15 L.Paice
1979/80 Andrew Hayward 1997/98 K.Spencer 2015/16 L.Paice
1980/81 A.Schneider 1998/99 M.Dickerson 2016/17 J.Thomas
1981/82 W.Skuthorp 1999/00 S.Vallow 2017/18 M.Harmer
1982/83 R.Harmer 2000/01 J.George 2019/19 S.Saxon
1983/84 P.Farrall 2001/02 H.Trevenen
1984/85 R.Harmer 2002/03 H.Trevenen
1985/86 K.Fowler 2003/04 D.Third
1986/87 S.Carr 2004/05 D.Third
1987/88 G.Dickerson 2005/06 C.Prescott
1988/89 C.Lockyer 2006/07 J.George
1989/90 M.Lukan 2007/08 O.Fanayan

Consistency Award

Awarded to the player with the highest number of overall points  (wickets taken being worth an addition 5 points each as calculated by the Ralph Dungey Award) and is awarded regardless of other trophies won.




 2001/02R. Rudd 2007/08C. Taylor
 2013/14A. Magill
 2002/03S. O'Shea 2008/09B. Daye
 2014/15J. Thomas
 2003/04H. Trevenen 2009/10B. Daye
 2015/16B. Daye
 2004/05I. Pattison 2010/11B. Daye 2016/17B. Daye
 2005/06J. Hendy 2011/12C. Lockyer 2017/18D. Arcaro
 2006/07S. Clark 2012/13B. Daye 2018/19D. Arcaro