Hayward Medal - Club Champion

The Hayward Medal was inaugurated in 1994/95 and is awarded annually to recognise the best player in the Bentley Cricket Club's ‘A' Grade Team. The medal is donated by Club Members, Brian & Andrew 'Ace' Hayward.

The Hayward brothers contribution to our club is quite unique for siblings.  They are both past Presidents of the Club, and both have occupied most admin positions within the club, as well as Club Coach, and 1st XI Grade Captain.

As A grade champion cricketers both, the club is honoured to have the Hayward brothers associated with our Club Champion award.

The winner of the Hayward Medal is the player who has accrued the most votes over the period of a season. Votes are allocated by the umpires in each ‘A' Grade match, on a 3,2,1 basis to players of both sides. The West Australian Suburban Turf Club Association collates the votes during the season, and publishes the results at the end of the season.

Previous Winners

1994/95 Steve Shearing
1995/96 Steve Shearing
1996/97 Dave Berry
1997/98 Scott Vallow
1998/99 Shane Paap
1999/00 Anthony Magill
2000/01 Michael Reilly
2001/02 Shaun O’Shea
2002/03 Shaun O’Shea
2003/04 Hudson Trevenen
2004/05 Shaun O'Shea
2005/06 Michael Scholefield
2006/07 Steve Clarke
2007/08 Brendan Daye
2008/09 Brendan Daye
2009/10 Chris Prescott
2010/11 Laurence Paice
2011/12 Brendan Daye
2012/13 Brendan Daye
2013/14 Brendan Daye
2014/15 Brendan Daye
2015/16 Brendan Daye
2016/17 Brendan Daye
2017/18 Brendan Daye
2018/2019 Awais Mehdi/Brendan Daye