Life Members



The Club holds its Life Members in the very highest esteem.  These are the individuals who have nurtured and grown the Club over it's 6 decade existence. The Mightiest of Blues!! 

 Year MemberYearMemberYearMember
 1964Geoff Farrell  1993Greg Nairn 2013Justin Warren
 1964Brian Trouchet 1996John Williams 2013David Sykes
 1965Roy Ritchie 1998Ron Fernandez 2014Paul Warren
 1966Ralph Dungey 1998Greg Dickerson 2015Peter C Smith
 1974Greg Dart 2001Lesley Magill 2016Geoff Dart
 1975Terry Taylor 2001Steve Shearing 2016Chris Lockyer
 1976Lloyd Dungey 2004Glen Davies 2018Jamie George
 1976Lance Thompson 2006Norma Farrall 2018Steve Paice
 1977Anthony Malins 2006Betty Stevens (Dungey) 2018Ken Dawson
1977George Woodhead 2007Matthew Harmer 2018Neil Gardner
 1983Brian Hayward 2007Simon Magill 2018Blair Chapman
 1984Andrew Hayward 2008Stafford Dawson 2019Fab Fanayan
 1986Keith Chapman 2009Anthony Magill 2020Chris Pritchard
 1987Stephen Cairns 2012Len Woodley 2020Omo Fanayan
 1988Peter Quartermaine 2012Graeme Verco